Four Reasons Why People Install Harness Cables and Wires

March 20, 2017
Posted by vicord_admin

Wire cables tend to be more organized and secure when arranged in a harness from a reputable Wire Harness company. Following are the top four reasons why you need to get a custom wiring harness.

Uses of Wire Harness in Different Industries

January 6, 2017
Posted by vicord_admin

A wire harness is specifically designed to keep the wires safe and the game turns even stronger if a reliable Wire Harness Supplier is involved, organized and out of the way which is not only energy efficient but also saves time and money. For many industries it’s not possible to deny the value of wire […]


August 23, 2016
Posted by vicord_admin

With the increasing trend of car dash cams, the manufacturers are providing easy to install dash cams with a comprehensive manual along the device. Installing your dash cam is very simple and cost saving. You just need to identify the correct spot where you want the camera to be placed. The spot should not impede […]


June 8, 2016
Posted by vicord_admin

As the popularity of dash cams is in its extreme roll, petrol heads are running after to get the most advance dash cams that enhance the luxury of their cars. After the introduction of dash cams this gadget underwent much innovation and thus it came out as one of the most useful device that a […]


May 18, 2016
Posted by vicord_admin

  For the first time ever Verizon declared that it is going to provide its FiOS customers streaming of their DVR even outside their home. This is an utmost effort to minimize cord-cutting as well as to get a boost against rivals. Streaming of DVR recording can be availed anywhere, it just needs an internet […]


May 11, 2016
Posted by vicord_admin

According to the latest news Russia is seeking American permission to conduct is aerial surveillance. This task will be accompanied by planes equipped with high end digital camera amid warning the intelligence and top level military personals that these flights will provide assistance for Moscow to gather their intelligence on the United States of America.


May 3, 2016
Posted by vicord_admin

There has been a serious anxiousness about the integration of audio facility to the surveillance system installation on public transportation facilities. For the past few decades video surveillance cameras have become a common ingredient in our public facilities this trend soon increased as these systems got cheaper, smaller and easy to install. There is a […]

Insight on Wiring Harness & its utilization in Automotive

April 29, 2016
Posted by vicord_admin

The use of wiring harness made remarkable convenience for the versatile requirement of industries and modern needs. However, the use of wiring harness has some ground root in the areas of automobiles and the gadgets that needs to be installed. The harnesses that are being used worldwide as a source of automotive wiring are made […]

Significance of CCTVs in Business Environment (Facts & Figures)

April 13, 2016
Posted by vicord_admin

Security Cameras, commonly known as “CCTV” have gained much popularity since its invention. Security Cameras always prove beneficial whenever it comes to home & business security. It has become a hard pill to swallow especially for criminals having intentions of burglary, vandalism, kidnapping, etc. CCTVs apart from being utilized in homes & organizations are now […]

Top Rated Strangest Stuff Caught on CCTV – Part 2

March 28, 2016
Posted by vicord_admin

“CCTV” a name that has served the people concerning security longer than we can think. Security has been a major concern for numerous people which is why numerous people opt CCTV Surveillance Systems being the best option available in market. CCTV apart from providing vital evidence in numerous cases can also come in handy when […]

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