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At Vicord, we are considered the authentic Wire Harness Supplier in China. We have wealth of expertise in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of complete wiring harness types along with quality assured service and competitive prices. Our well designed automotive wiring harness can provide ideal cost effective solution and can reduce the cost of labor. We are capable to produce sophisticated wire solutions to meet and supply any specific requirement you may have. Developing and designing wire harnesses from standard concept on the latest design. Vicord provides complete and sound solutions in wire kit supply and production.


Product Description

Being, a quality manufacturer of wiring harness products, we are structuring a wide range of harness wires, connectors and terminals that is installed throughout the entire vehicle to supply electric power and relay information, thereby playing a very important role in connecting and powering components. Information and power flows through this network much like a central nervous and circulatory system of the human being. As a genuine wire harness supplier, in automobile industry continues to provide technological advanced functions, their components require efficient current flow within minimum space. Vicord supplies custom wire harness that contribute to the advancement and development of automotive industry manufacturers around the world.


Why Vicord's Is Considered Best Designing Wire Harness ?

Nowadays automobiles are becoming increasingly specialized requiring wiring consideration that is far beyond standard wire harness. Vicord manufactures and designs wiring harnesses for vehicles of all types and sizes, meeting the needs of existing market and requirements of customers.

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In past old automobiles needed only basic wiring, components and connections to power the systems. Today the evolution of automobile has been transferred into highly technical range of systems and components that are specially designed to add more safety, economy, luxury, comfort, fuel and convenience to the driving experience. Vicord provides smart and intelligent products for today’s generation automobile.

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All our products are manufactured and supplied with the highest standards of quality control within our quality system. All our wiring assemblies and looms are 100% visually and electronically inspected before packing. We put our maximum efforts to ensure that no faulty products are passed onto our clients and we regularly take feedback from our customers that are immediately available to our production department in order to address process adjustments and training needs. Vicord is also a reliable wire harness supplier; having wiring harness kits that make your drawing or design, a complete OEM solution by mutually working with clients' requirements. Our products have the capabilities to handle the load efficiently without any delays and overheating issues. All the wires use 100% copper to ensure maximum flow of current at maximum capacity without any risk of burning and circuit damage.


Easy to Install Wiring Solution

Vicord manufactures painless wiring kits that are easy to install without any hassles whatsoever. A complete step by step guide is provided with every wiring harness kit. The manual is provided in multiple languages with user-friendly pictorial representation for easy installation.

Wire Harness Diagram



It is very important to make a proper identification of each wire in a wire harness. Internationally it is a standard that has been setup for clear identification of wire in a harness by their codes. Each color of wire represents a specific use and meaning that is associated with that wire. This is something very useful as it provide assistance in connecting wires respectively with their slots. Otherwise if improper connection is made it could end up in the damaging the equipment or voiding the warranty. Standard color codes of wiring harness are used worldwide for making optimized connection usually in aftermarket car audio wirings. The standard wiring harness color code representations are as follows.




12v constant




Antenna Remote

Stripped Blue

Antenna Remote

Stripped Orange

Dash light Dimmer


Left Rear Speaker

Stripped Green

Left Rear Speaker




Right Rear Speaker

Stripped Purple

Right Rear Speaker


Right Front Speaker

Stripped Gray


Right Front Speaker



























The above guide is an implemented standard color codes that is specifically in function for majority of the aftermarket applications. However, various vehicles own a completely different OEM default coding. Some of the colors codes may not be substituted by the list as provided in this section. In order to mitigate chances of malfunctions and warranty voiding specially designed color coded wiring harness are produced as it provides ease of connection without having to worry about the color matching’s. To avoid any mishaps it is highly recommend checking wire colors before connecting it to the equipment for compatibility.

You’re missing a big opportunity

Vicord’s primary focus is not just on ‘wiring harness kits for cars’, we have been a successful car wire harness supplier; who is dedicatedly providing custom wire   kit solutions to the automotive companies worldwide. If you represent any automotive company from anywhere Vicord is ready to join hands with you! We are the leading company of high quality wire harness kits.


Our Promise

Vicord is committed in developing long-term business relationships with clients all over the world by manufacturing and supplying highest quality automotive electronic components including: Wire cable kits, connectors, Mobile DVR Camera System, and customized automotive energy solutions. We believe in rendering the best service and quality products with competitive pricing and on-time delivery standards with dependable and solid after sales support.

Vicord is not your ordinary wiring harness, it’s a promise!

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