Where can I download the Vicord client applications for connecting to Vicord video gateway and watch

Client applications for both PCs and smart phones can be downloaded from Vicord’s website at http://www.vicord.com/downloads/

How can I find out which cellular devices, operating systems, and cellular modems are supported by V

List of cellular devices and operating systems that are supported by Vicord client applications, and cellular modems that are supported by Vicord video gateways, can be found at the Supported Accessories page under Resources. It is recommended that you consult with this list before you purchase any devices. This list is updated frequently.

How can I contact Vicord technical support?

You can contact technical support via e-mail at support@vicord.com. You should receive a response within one business day. Technical support is also available by phone, Monday-Friday, from 9AM through 5PM (GMT +2), at +86-755-33100752.

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