Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Certification: FCC, CE
Model Number: MCH4GWN
Short Intro:
A product best suitable to use in Logistic Vehicles, Escort Vehicles, Taxi, School Bus, Mining Vehicle, Construction Vehicle, Police Vehicles, Medical Vehicles, Family Cars, Cargo Transport. It is also a necessary equipment for train operation safety which helps in reducing trouble back at home, save time and making traveling safe.





Reliable, High Capacity Video Drive Performance

Vicord HDDs are designed to deliver reliable 24×7 operation - optimised for low-power consumption, quiet operation, smooth video streaming, high reliability and high capacity.

  • Delivers up to 16 simultaneous streams of HD content
  • 4TB video storage solution - up to 480 hours of HD video
  • Quiet operation to enhance viewing and listening experience
  • 24×7 operation for always-on demands DVR devices
  • Entry level or home surveillance system storage solution

  1. Logistic Vehicles
  2. Escort Vehicles
  3. Taxi
  4. School Bus
  5. Mining Vehicle
  6. Construction Vehicle
  7. Police Vehicles
  8. Medical Vehicles
  9. Family Cars
  10. Cargo Transport
  Model MCH4GWN
System Main Processor Hi3520D
Operating System Embedded LINUX operating system
System Resources Simultaneous multi-channel real-time recording, playback, network operation, USB backup
Interface User Interface support 16-bit true color graphical menu interface and mouse operation
Preview Screen 1/4
Video Video Standards PAL(625line,50f/s);NTSC(525line,60f/s)
Video Compression H.264(Main Profile)
Display Quality Monitor:D1
Play Quality 960H/D1/Half-D1/CIF/QCIF
Encode Capacity 4ch 960H real-time
Decode Capacity 1ch 960H real-time
Motion Detect Zones: 392(22*18)detection zones per window, multi-level sensitivity
Audio Audio Compression G.711A
Bi-Directional Talk Supported
Record & Playback Record Mode manual>alarm>motion detection>timing
Local Playback Any channel playback simultaneously(1-4ch)
Search Mode Time/calendar/event/channel search
Storage & Backup Space Occupation video:CIF 4~5G/ day*channel, D1 8~10G/ day*channel;
 audio:691.2M/ day*channel
Record Storage HDD, Network
Backup Mode Network backup, USB HDD,USB writer, U disk
Interface Video Input 4ch
Video Output 1ch RCA (1.0Vp-p,75Ω),1ch for cable
Audio Input 4ch
Audio Output 1ch (200-3000mV,5K)
Alarm Input 4ch(multiplexing vehicle signal)
Alarm Output 2ch
RJ45 Interface no
RS485, RS232 One RS485、one RS232
HDD One SATA port,max.4T
Mobile Interface & functions GPIO Signal Support vehicle name、speed、turn light、vehicle door、brake、Steering Information and other signals input;support vehicle information OSD overlay、storage etc.
GPS Support
WiFi Module Not Support
3G Module Support
G-Sensor (optional) Not supported
Others support delay boot up/shut down
Complement Exclusive Player Support Google map, showing vehicle running track and data.
Platform Support auto registration,no need of port Mapping,getting rid of 3G access problem. Support Google map, showing vehicle running track and data
SDK Free SDK for second development
Others Power Supply Wide voltage input 6V~36V,15% overvoltage protection,500MS 60V voltage surge
External power Supply Support 8* 12V controllable power supply for external camera, exclusive 12V and 5V output
Power Consumption Less than10W(HDD without)
Working Temperature 0℃-+55℃
Working Humidity 10%-90%
Atmospheric Pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Dimension 193(length)*198(width)86(height)mm
Weight 1.5kg


  1. Playback quality:support 4ch D1,4ch 960H,8ch D1 real-time recording
  2. Mobile monitor: Support various mobile monitoring(iPhone,Windows Mobile,BlackBerry,Symbian,Android)
  3. Display:support TV output,taking the lead in HD resolution technology.
  4. Operation interface:similar to Windows operating style, easy to get started with powerful mouse right-click function.
  5. Network:Powerful network services (support DAS、DHCP、PPPOE、FTP、DNS、DDNS、NTP、UPNP、EMAIL, IP permissions, IP searches, Alarm Center, etc.) and perfect support (WEB, Client, SDK), easy to achieve interoperability.
  6. Browsers:Support multiple web browsers (ie,chrome,firefox, safari)
  7. Remote Access:With its own domain name service functions (ARSP), and one key to remote monitoring,monitoring becomes easy and enjoyable. 3322 (Greek network), dyndns, oray (peanut shells), myq-see and other Domain Name Services are also provided.
  8. Differentiation: Boot screen free replacement, more than twenty languages, over 10 sets of GUI interface, ten kinds of remote control, available in dozens of button panel, which make our products different from others.
  9. Compression algorithm ideal:H.264 High Profile compression algorithm,30% decrease of stream due to advanced space-time filtering technology.
  10. Others:Perfect circuit protection, unique triple watchdog function, ensure that the equipment never crashes;With unique black box technology, the whole process can be monitored, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.
  11. Special function:Mobile data、BDS、GPS data、G-Sensor 、wide voltage、WIFI/3G,mobile DVR player、central management software、SDK etc.
  12. Support 1*HDD Storage;( HDD maximum 2T)
  13. Support 3G; (support  EVDO & WCDMA & TD-SCDMA)
  14. Support GPS;

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